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Pickens promises success for plan

October 30, 2009
TOPICS: Natural gas
T. Boone Pickens returned to his alma mater in one of his final town hall meetings to promote the Pickens Plan.

The well-noted oilman launched his own campaign to end the country's dependence on foreign oil a year ago, promoting the use of natural gas and wind and solar energy. At his Oklahoma State appearance, Pickens said the plan was seeing progress and that a national energy plan similar to his offering.

From The Oklahoman:

"We are very close to finally getting an energy plan for America,” he said. "For 40 years, we’ve never had a plan.”

Pickens said President Richard Nixon in 1970 predicted an end to foreign imports by the end of that decade.
Instead the numbers have kept climbing, he said, from 24 percent of the country’s oil consumption in 1970 to about 67 percent now.

Pickens said that figure will hit 75 percent for oil that costs $300 a barrel in 10 years if there is no energy plan, leaving no money to hot-button issues like health care and education.

"This is not about politics. There’s not a Democrat or Republican angle to anything I’m talking to you about,” he said. "It’s about us. It’s our problem and we have got to solve it.”

Pickens advocates converting the nation’s 6.5 million heavy duty trucks to run on compressed natural gas, rather than diesel fuel.

"It’s 50 percent cleaner, it’s a dollar a gallon cheaper and it’s ours,” he said. "That is the key: It is ours.”
The switch to American-produced CNG would halve the amount of oil the United States buys from OPEC within seven years, he said.

"That is the oil that is dangerous for America,” Pickens said. "That’s where we’re most vulnerable.”

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